CMEM Instrumentation Overview

Transmission Electron Microscopes

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) Center for Multiscal Electron Microscopy currently operates two FEI microscopes, both suited for cryoTEM imaging and tomography.


FEI Titan One of them is the worldwide unique TU/e cryoTITAN, a 300kV FEG microscope which is optimized for both resolution and contrast. This microscope is equipped with a GIF 2002 Gatan energy filter connected to a 2K x 2K pixel MultiScan™ CCD camera allowing both Zero Loss imaging as well as element specific imaging using the Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) mode and with a pre-GIF 2K x 2K US 1000™ CCD camera. With a specially designed autoloader it is possible to insert a cassette containing 12 samples, which can be automatically loaded and unloaded onto the stage. Also, the microscope is provided with a High Angular Annual Dark Field (HAADF) detector and with a bright field-dark field dedector, which allows Scanning TEM (STEM) imaging with high resolution. Furthermore, the TU/e cryoTITAN has a biprism for holography. 

The TU/e cryo-TITAN is particularly suited for cryotomography and is able to run automated tilt series with ‹ 2 nm resolution in 3D after reconstruction. Moreover it is possible to perform dual axis tomography, which can reduce artifacts resulting from the missing wedge.


Sphera with Kangbo Lu An advanced FEI Tecnai 20 (type Sphera) TEM operating with a 200 kV LaB6 filament and a bottom mounted 1024 x 1024 Gatan msc 794™ CCD camera. The microscope is equipped with an EDAX unit for elemental analysis and with a bright field-dark field detector, which allows Scanning TEM (STEM) imaging. Using the Sphera cryo-samples can be imaged with a resolution < 2nm.

The microscopes are placed in climatised laboratories in which temperature is controlled to great accuracy.

Peripheral equipment

Preparation Lab

  • Preparation lab with dust por area.
  • Vitrification robot (FEI Vitrobot™ Mark III) for the vitrification of aqueous samples.
  • Vitrification robot (FEI Vitrobot™ Mark III) modified with a glove box for specialized sample preparation, and if necessary, equipped with an humidifier for organic solvents.
  • TEM single tilt holder
  • TEM edx single tilt holder
  • TEM double tilt holder
  • TEM tomography holder(s)
  • TEM liquid cell holder
  • Gatan single tilt Cryo Holders /Transfer Systems.
  • Cressington carbon coater (206Carbon) with glow discharge unit for the cleaning of TEM grids. A home build vacuum system allows the pumping of the Gatan cryoholders using the coaters turbo pump.

Computing Resources

  • Data storage system with a capacity of 4Tb.
  • 3x High-End Workstation (quad core Xeon) 64 bit Windows for alignment and reconstruction (Inspect3D, IMOD), post-processing (Matlab), and visualization (Amira).
  • 2x Graphics Workstation (Pentium) 32 bit Windows for reconstruction (Inspect3D) and visualization (Amira).
  • Data transfer PC for the transfer of data from microscopes to the data storage system or user PCs.