Our Expertise

TU/e Center of Multiscale Electron Microscopy activities are mainly focused on the advanced TEM-based Soft Matter research which is driven by scientific questions from within our own laboratory as well as other research groups both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The research activities under Center are currently led by Dr. N.A.J.M. (Nico) Sommerdijk. Our expertise is built on the combination of 5 areas; Aqueous interfaces, Cryo-TEM & Material Science Analysis, Time-resolved Cryo-TEM Analysis, Cryo-tomography, Polymer films and we also have collaborations with other research groups.

  Aqueous Interfaces Aqueous Interfaces  
Cryo-TEM and Material Science Analysis Cryo-TEM and Material Science Analysis   Time-resolved Cryo-TEM Analysis Time-resolved Cryo-TEM Analysis
Cryo-tomography Cryo-tomography   Polymer Films Polymer Films
Other research activities