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CryoTEM Workshop - Registration is closed - Thank you for your interest.


Term and Conditions Registration

Payment and confirmation

All costs referred to are in Euro (€) and include 21% Dutch VAT. All payments must be made in Euro (€); no other currency will be accepted. Full payment is due for the registration fee.
Upon receival of your registration form, you will be sent a confirmation by email. The confirmation with an invoice will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form.


Only digital versions of invoices will be sent to participants upon receival of the registration form. The invoice will be issued using the contact details provided on the registration form so please make sure you have provided us with the correct information.

Cancellation of registration

The deadline for cancellation of registration is 1 April 2018. The congress secretariat must be notified in writing of any cancellations via Payments will be refunded after the Workshop. Please note that no refunds can be made for cancellations after 1 April 2018.

Invitation letter for visa application

It is the sole responsibility of the participant to take care of his/her visa requirements. Participants who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure. Participants should contact the nearest embassy or consulate to determine the appropriate timing of their visa applications. It is recommended to apply for a visa at least 3 months in advance of the CMEM CryoTEM Workshop.
If you need a visa please make sure you leave enough time to apply and to have the relevant accompanying sponsor letters. The workshop secretariat will only provide invitation letters for visa for registered and paid participants. You can request to receive a visa invitation letter when you send the registration form. The letter will be sent to you by e-mail once you have completed your registration.

Insurance and Liability Disclaimer

The workshop secretariat (CMEM) works as an agent on behalf of the "Eindhoven University of Technology" who is in charge of the organisation of the CMEM workshop. Neither the workshop secretariat nor the "Eindhoven University of Technology’’ may be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any property, whatever the cause may be. Liability of persons and enterprises providing means of transportation or other services, however, remains unaffected.
It is recommended that participants obtain adequate cover for travel, health and accident insurance before they depart from their countries. The "Eindhoven University of Technolgy’’ and the workshop secretariat as organizers cannot accept responsibility for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to, private property belonging to the Workshop participants. Should, for any reason outside the 'organizers' control (including but not limited to acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions and/or industrial action) the venue or speakers change, or the workshop be cancelled, the organizers will endeavour to re-schedule, but shall not be held responsible for any costs, damages or expenses incurred by participants. If for any reason the organizers decide to make material changes to this event, they are not responsible for airfares, hotels or other costs incurred by participants. The partcipant takes part in the workshop at their own risk. Further, the organizers may not be held liable for any costs or damages incurred resulting from acts outside of their control including but not limited to force majeure, strikes and/or public manifestations. Only written arrangements are binding. The sole legal venue is Eindhoven.
Registration of a participants entails acceptance of these conditions. In any disputes that may arise concerning the execution or interpretation of the present General Regulations, both parties agree that they will be subject to Dutch law and that the commercial courts of The Hague will be competent, without prejudice to the "Eindhoven University of Technolgy’s’’right to initiate proceedings under the laws and before the courts of the delegate’s registered office in the event any sums are due by the delegate to the "Eindhoven University of Technology’’.